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Product Image - Adjustable Flow Valves

FVA-FVS Adjustable Flow Valves for Clean Gas and Air

Operating conditions encountered in the automatic controlling of gas and air flows often require valves with an adjustable flow curve which can be altered at various points of opening to obtain the desired amount of flow. With Hauck adjustable flow valves, the flow rate can be easily changed at any of the 10 or more adjusting points provided. Therefore, the valve flow curve can be characterized to suit different constants in pressure, flow suction, or discharge resistance occuring at the minimum, maximum or in-between capacities.

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Product Image - Adjustable Port Valves

PVS Adjustable Port Valves

Hauck valves are a dependable and accurate means of controlling the flow or air or gas to burners on furnaces, ovens, kilns, dryers and for other industrial control applications. Hauck rectangular port valves feature an easy, single adjustment and are designed to hold the desired setting in either automatic or manual operation systems.

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Product Image - ball_fs

Combustion Control Accessories Ball Valves (BV)

Ball valves are used to provide positive manual shut off of fuels in combustion systems.

Ball valves are UL listed and rated at 250 psi (1720 kPa) for fluid temperatures up to 400° F (204° C). Ball valves in this series are suitable for natural gas, LP gas and fuel oils. All valves feature NPT connections.

Product Image - bva_fs

BVA Butterfly Valves

Hauck butterfly valves control the flow of low pressure combustion air or fuel gas to burner systems. Two versions of the valve are available; the BVA series for ambient air service and most fuel gases; and the BVA-H series for preheated air applications up to 800°F (425°C). Each valve series is available in manual or automatic control mode of operation. BVA valves are ideal for individual burner or zone control and can be used as a trim valve to balance individual burners.

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Product Image - lvg_fs

LVG Series Gas Limiting Orifice Valve

The Hauck LVG Series Limiting Orifice Gas Valves are designed to allow precise setting of high fire gas flow. They are used for single or multiple burner systems. The standard LVG series valves can be used as straight through type valves, and angle type valves are available to meet burner piping system requirements. These valves are designed for use with any commercial fuel gas; coke oven gas versions are also available.

There are nine LVG valve sizes from 1/2 NPT to 4" ANSI flange. Valves with metric connections are also available. Capacities for natural gas range from 760 to 24,640 scfh (20 to 660 nm³/hr) at a pressure drop of 6.9" wc (1,720 Pa).


Product Image - mcov_fs

MCOV Micro-Cam Oil Valves

The Hauck Micro-Cam Valve provides accurate, reproducible flow control of fuel oil to any type of industrial process, thus making the operation of oil-fired heat processing equipment more dependable. Many thousands are in daily use on heat-treating, forging and annealing furnaces, roasting and melting furnaces, retorts, ovens, kilns, lehrs, melting tanks, dryers, air preheaters, reaction kettles, stills, superheaters, rotary dryers and boilers. UL approved versions are available in most sizes.

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Product Image - MOV Self-Cleaning Micro Oil Valves

MOV Self-Cleaning Micro Oil Valves

Hauck's Self-Cleaning Micro Oil Valves provide accurate, reproducible and linear flow control of oil to any type of industrial process. As the valve flow indicator is moved, the action of the cleaning pin clears foreign obstructions from the crescent-shaped V groove of the valve disk. This feature ensures thorough cleaning of the controlling orifice without the need to dismantle the valve. Unlike conventional valves, there is no constricted flow orifice to cause valve clogging or burner flame fading.

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Product Image - oprv_fs

Combustion Control Accessories Oil Pressure Relief Valves (OPRV)

Oil pressure relief valves are used to control oil supply pressure in combustion systems. The relief valve can be utilized for single-burner applications or in supply headers for multiple-burner applications.

The valves in this series are suitable for most combustion applications. Maximum fluid temperature is 400°F (204°C) for all valves. The HVB and model are suitable for light oil, No. 4, 5 & 6 fuel oil, Bunker C and waste oils. The valves in the HVB series use a hand wheel adjustment with locking nut. All valves feature NPT connections.

Product Image - PGM Prepiped Gas Manifold

PGM Prepiped Gas Manifold

The Hauck Prepiped Gas Manifold (PGM) is a factory assembled prepiped gas train that permits easy, fast installation. Manifolds are available for single and multiple burner applications with automatic reset shutoff valves. The PGM is available with an automatic vent valve or a manual reset shutoff valve as an option. The PGM meets NFPA requirements facilitating insurance approvals for most burner installations.

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PLPM Image

PLPM Prepiped Liquid Propane Manifold

The Hauck PLPM liquid propane manifold is a factory assembled prepiped LP train that permits easy, fast installation. The manifold is available for liquid propane and various propane/butane mixtures. 

The PLPM manifold is designed to meet industry-accepted safety ...


POM/POM(H) Prepiped Oil Manifolds and (H) Heavy Oil Versions

The Hauck POM/POM-H oil manifolds are a factory assembled prepiped oil train that permits easy, fast installation.  The manifold is available for light oil use (POM) or heavy, residual fuel (POM-H) applications. The POM manifold is designed to meet industry accepted standards for fuel oil delivery to combustion systems.  Additionally, the POM is packaged to provide optimum convenience and ease of maintenance.

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RGM Full Size

RGM - Regulator Gas Manifold

The Hauck Regulator Gas Manifold is a factory assembled and prepiped gas train that permits easy, fast installation.  Each component has been optimally sized to provide for accurate and consistent gas pressure supply throughout the combustion system operating range.  The RGM also offers overpressure protection to guard against damage to downstream components in the event of a main gas pressure regulator failure.

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Product Image - wbv_fs

WBV-H Wafer Butterfly Valves - Hot Air

Hauck Wafer Butterfly Valves are used to trim or control ambient or preheated air. The valve can be ordered with a hand lever or can be supplied with a lever and linkage for automatic control. When sizing wafer butterfly valves for automatic control, normal practice is to size for a valve differential pressure (Δp) of 10-20% of total available air pressure. When ordering, specify temperature service desired: ambient air to 400°F, or preheated air to1200°F.

Valves should be selected for maximum flow at no more than 70° open. Full ported wafer valves installed in lines of the same size offer increased flow for a fixed pressure drop up to 70° open. At greater openings, flow does not increase appreciably although ...

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