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Item # PBGII-1000

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Designed for simple installation and factory set for ease of operation, the Hauck packaged gas burner can be used for many process heating applications. With a nominal 40 to 1 thermal turndown capability, it is an ideal choice for heat processes that require rapid heat ramp rates with no temperature overshoot. The PBG has all of the necessary components for a high turndown combustion system in one assembly.

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31,000 to 1,000,000 Btu/hr
8 to 271 kW


1/3 hp
0.25 kW

Air Flow

1580 to 11,050 scfh
42 to 296 nm³/hr

Gas Flow

30 to 1,000 scfh
0.8 to 27 nm³/hr

Excess Air

870 to 10 %

Excess Air

710 to 10 %

Gas Turndown


Gas Turndown


Flame Length

32 in
810 mm


1034 Btu/ft³
36.74 MJ/nm³

Specific Gravity


Stoichiometric Air/Gas Ratio


Air and Gas flows based on

60 ºF
0 ºC


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