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RGM - Regulator Gas Manifold

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The Hauck Regulator Gas Manifold is a factory assembled and prepiped gas train that permits easy, fast installation.  Each component has been optimally sized to provide for accurate and consistent gas pressure supply throughout the combustion system operating range.  The RGM also offers overpressure protection to guard against damage to downstream components in the event of a main gas pressure regulator failure.

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  • Prepiped and assembled for easy installation
  • Suitable for single and multiple burner applications
  • Provides overpressure protection and precise outlet pressure control
  • Combine with Hauck’s PGM, safety shutoff valve manifolds,for compact regulator and safety functionality
  • Meets NFPA requirements which simplifies insuranceapproval for most burner installations
  • Integrated pressure gauges and shutoff valves simplify leaktesting and system troubleshooting
  • Components optimally sized and preset to facilitate fast,trouble free start-up